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Democrats, Bush remain far apart on Iraq funding

Summary: This Reuters story looks at the latest efforts by both Democrats and the White House to find a compromise on how the handle the U.S policy in Iraq. It also showed a divide between the Democratic-controlled Congress and President George Bush on Iraq.

At issue, is the president's request for a funding bill without withdrawal time table for American troops in Iraq. Democrats on the other hand agree to fund thw war but with conditions attached.

The story was well balanced with quotes by President Bush and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).

The challenge/opportunities the writer face wass to steer clear of infusing opinion disguised as interpretative analysis. Clearly the basic thing for reporter was to report the facts and leave the readers that job. I think that
paragraps two, six and seven were opinions since readers were not told where these comments came from. Information contained in these paragraphs were not attributed to any one, polls or institutions. Without them the story will still strong. You can read this story at:


The same story by AP appeared in the Boston Globe.
The lead was great and quite to the point, compared to the Reuters version in the ABC. Also this story was without comments and carried a great sense of what is news.

While the Reuters story focused on a search for compromise and difficulties face by both parties in getting funds for the troops the AP story focused the president latest call for a prompt bill.
AP story was also great at giving each side a fair chance to make its position known.

The writer could have pressed Bush and Schumer if they would be willing to compromise. That would have made more news instead of basically telling readers what they already know. Read this story.