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Hamas rejects U.S. plan for peace with Israel

Reuters news agency reported that latest efforts by the United States to restart peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were rejected by Hamas, a militant organization that leads a unity government. Israel also said there were serious problems with the plan. On the other hand palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said he would work for the implementation of the latest plan, clearly showing split between the two main faction leaders
of Hamas and Fatah organizations.

A hard news story, the writer did an excellent job presenting views/quotes from all the three parties involed - Israel, Hamas and the Fatah's officials. Very good job in meeting the principles of fairness and attribution. Read this story at:

The AP''s account of the same story has some problems. The lead was too wordy and confusing for ordinary readers not familiar with the Israelis Palestinian conflict.
While the lead implied that Hamas has rejected latest plan to pursue peace, the writer did not say anything about this rejection until in the 10th paragraph. Instead, the writer focused on the new threat by hamas to attack Israel with rockets. Eight paragraps were devoted to to this new threat.

Using the hourglass style, the writer had enough opportunity to give readers the immediate event before delving into other important facts or development. That opportunity was missed. A critical reader could also could also see the writer's bias for the Hamas. he same to have contrated on the point that Hamas was responsible for the violence against Isreal without any just cause. That unstated position rendered this AP account not balanced.
The challenges this writer face were: 1} Reporting the news as it a happend in a clear and unbiased way. That is, tell readers about the latest efforts by U.S. to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 2) Report on the new threat issued by the Hamas. Besides, Hamas is only part of the whole when discussing the Israelis-Palestinian crisis.

The AP writer's emphasis on Israel's security same to suggest that the Palestanians search for independent was less important than Israel security. Read it at: