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Sen.Clinton seeks new way to withdraw U.S. Troops

Summary: This story appeared in the New York Times in which presidential contender Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) proposed a bill to reverse the war authority granted the president ito invade Iraq. The proposal came days after President Bush vitoed a $124 billion emergency spending bill for troops in Iraq that linked the funds to a time table for withdrawal.

The story, was unsually long but was written in a way that makes readers to read it to the end. The writer, in a very professional and clever way presented views from Democrats and Republicans. Hourglass style was effectively used.
opportunities: The story did make it clear whether or not President could vitoe the proposed legislation if it passed the Democrat-controlled Congress.A comment from President Bush could have gone a long way in balancing the story. Read it at:

The same story was found in The California Majority Report but in the form a statement. This version offered a shorter narrative and readers the chance to read what exactly Sen. Clinton said. Read it at the url below: