Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard

A Kentucky man may finally find closure after sentencing next Tuesday over an incident last May when his beard was cut from his face and shoved in his mouth during an argument over the sale of a lawnmower.

The Lexington branch of NBC reported that Harvey Westmoreland went to his brother's place of business to meet with two acquaintances. When they began to negotiate the price for purchase of a riding lawn mower from Westmoreland, the men apparently felt cheated and pulled out knives and guns.

It was during this conflict that one of the men cut a chunk of Westmoreland's beard from his face and forced him to eat it. After being humiliated, the brothers were allowed to leave with their lives and a threat to not call the police.

This story is odd, certainly, but it seems to me that the relevancy and importance of it has been greatly inflated by the news outlets reporting it. The Star Tribune even ran a news release on it in the 'Out There' section. While the news certainly fits the bill, it doesn't deserve the amount of discussion it has received.

What this appears to be is a case not unlike the 'Epic Mountain Man v. Sasquatch' story that ran on CNN over the summer - a reporter gets hooked on a story and the people involved turn out to be so odd that the story is talked about way more than it should be. Aside from providing a few key sound bites for future reference and a smile, this story has very little actual news value.

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