Mobbed at McDonald's

The Minnesota Daily recently did an investigation into the happenings at one of the hottest spots on campus any given weekend: the Dinkytown McDonalds. Reporter Kyle Porter was on-scene for 4 and a half hours on a Friday night to observe the insanity that is large groups of drunk college students.

The evening begins calmly, the Daily reports. At 10:30 p.m. there are a mere 20 customers inside the store. The employees are relaxed for the time being, taking advantage of the small break in rushes between dinner and drunk. Only a half hour later, though, the crowd has swelled in size until around 50 people are waiting just to place an order.

With all this business and the obscene crush of people, some form of authority is necessary to keep the peace and maintain a smooth flow of customers. The staff, the Daily reports, refers to their security as "hospitality" personnel. "They're our hospitality people," owner Dave Choate told the Daily. "They're just there to help and make sure nothing gets out of hand."

What the Daily discovered as the night progressed is that though people go to McDonald's for the food, that is hardly the only reason they stay once arriving. Between a band at the top of the steps, sauce fights on the patio and a freestyle rap battle just outside the door at various points throughout the night, there are ample attractions to convince patrons to lengthen their stay.

As the night drew to a close, the Daily cataloged the damage to the building. Fries littering tables, wrappers scattered willy-nilly and bathrooms absolutely decimated, the price of being a drunken staple is made painfully clear. After 3:00 a.m. on the dot, the restaurant locks its doors and the employees begin the task of cleaning up to do the whole thing again tomorrow.

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