The Wikileaks Saga Continues

Further developments in the ongoing tale of Wikileaks cable leaks and Assange's subsequent imprisonment are occurring around the world with comments and criticisms on the incident coming from all over.

Julian Assange has been released on bail after being imprisoned for nine days in a London Jail, CNN reports. Under heavy police scrutiny with an electronic location tag and a mandatory daily check-in, Assange has relocated to a mansion outside London owned by a supporter.

Assange told reporters upon arriving at the mansion that his first priority is to get back to work in the ongoing Wikileaks cable release program, stating that his legal team is working on the charges against him. ""Obviously, clearing my name is also important, and I will continue to do that, my legal team will continue to do that," he said. "We will press the Swedish government to provide us with evidence of the allegations, something that has been denied to date. I have yet to receive a single page of anything ever from this investigation."

In America, members of the House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee revealed an intent to treat Wikileaks as a non-news organization, Wired reports. By making this distinction they open the door for prosecution of Wikileaks (and Assange) under 1917's Espionage Acts without appearing to crack down on media outlets.

The arguments for the differentiation focus on the means of acquiring the data they release and the lack of a filter for the information released. Instead of investigative reporting or acquiring the documents personally, Wikileaks utilizes international dropboxes to gain access to classified content. Beyond that, a news outlet reports classified material if it pertains to a particular story and is deemed better released for the public good, whereas Wikileaks publishes a broad variety of sources on all matter of subjects.

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