October 26, 2005

Family Readings

*There are two sets of questions to review for next week, this one and the one just before entitled "Work & Family".*

Please read through these questions and post a response to one question for each article. (for information on term usage surrounding "marriage", "gay" or "same sex marriage" see terminology)


Why do some gays & lesbians oppose marriage? Why do many gays & lesbians support marriage?

Why do some argue that marriage buys into the notion of a partiarchal model of relationships? Are there alternatives to marriage that would provide all the benefits without "buying into heterosexuality?"

How could marriage between LGBTi persons challenge traditional or historical notions of family? What factors might suggest that the traditional notion of family needs to be challenged?


What is the Time bind? Give examples of how advertisers have used the time bind to sell products to working parents?

Do you agree with Hochschild's theory on why parents choose not to spend more time at home? How universally could her theory be applied? (think about race, and social class differences)

Why has home become work and work become home? What theory of management has been significant in changing workplace atmosphere? What assumptions are used when the workplace is being described as "home?"

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