November 23, 2005

*Website Notice*

The University will be upgrading the system used to maintain the class website on November 28 (the Monday after Thanksgiving). This will likely prohibit access to the website, please plan accordingly.

Be sure to take a look at the About Writing posting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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October 3, 2005


In response to questions about the upcoming quiz (and this can applied to all future quizzes), the material you can expect to be covered on a given quiz is information from the text book, readings from the Mapping the Social Landscape, and material discussed in class, which spans from quiz to quiz.
For the quiz tomorrow, it will include the material covered in Chapter 2 (specifically scientific method), Chapter 4 (Culture), and Chapter 6 (Socialization). In addition, the Trask, Anderson, Dryer and Granfield Readings.

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