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April 8, 2005

Last Journal Entry

April 11 is your the due date for your last journal entry, you are emailing these to me. This journal entry is to cover your post-site reflections and discuss social change.
This journal entry should be more than 2 pages.

Post-site reflection:
Reflect back on your initial expectations, have your ideas changed, why/not? How do you think you came to have those initial ideas, and why did they stay the same or change?

Social Change: (you may find Chapter 14 useful, so take a peek)
What is your organization doing to change or alter the perception, or treatment of the clients they serve (this may be subtle)?
What do the organization, staff and volunteers hope to accomplish? If they are not seeking change, why?
What are the clients doing to promote change? What do you notice about language, behavior, etc?

What suggestions would you offer to the organization to further their mission? This last question directly relates to the content of your in class presentations, so use the journal as a mechanism to explore your ideas.

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