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May 11, 2006



The Story


Location Sketch

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The Straw, the Bean, and the Coal


2004 untitled



Chris Finley

Chris was born in 1976. He is from the Bay Area of California, and he is currently still living there. Chris is known for his sc ulptor-pop art installations. He once said that he sets out to stimulate the audience with sculpture computer systems. This means that files within files making quirky arrangements of ojects that fit inside of eachother. The example they give for this on the Ask Art website is plastic toys that are inside rubber maid bins. He has intruiging files from trips to shopping malls. An example of his pop art images can be seen in his eyecatching trip through a fun house. The exhibit that installed this piece was called "Chris Finely: Level One" which was held at the Acme Gallery in Santa Monica. My favorite piece that Cris recently did,2004, is an untitled contemporary piece. It was done on paper using acrylic ink. It looks like a mess of wire and paper or garbage to me. Its done very precisely and I can really appreciate the craftsmenship. I think I can relate to this kind of work that he makes vrs the computer based work because I just cant relate to the other work in the same way because I wouldnt know the first thing on how to make it. I am not sure how I will use this artist as an influence in my own art. I think that art is becoming so digital these days and I would like to encorperate that aspect into my own work too. So maybe as time goes by some of his work my be more influencail to me then it is at this present time.

Location Scouts

Do you ever wonder who those people are that find the locations spots for movies? Well in this Greece project my group and myself were those people. Our goal was to find away to use pictures that I had taken from Eleusis, Greece and show them how they stand today and try to find a way to show them how they would have to change for the movie to be shot there. My part in this project was to take the real photo and try to figure out where the temples used to be and draw them. We took step by step pictures of the drawings in put them together in an animatic or frame by frame movie. It was a challenging project but we were really happy with the end results.

Athens Panoramic

When I went to Greece I stood on the tallest mountian in Athens and stood in one spot and took pictures as I turned. I had high hopes of one day putting them all together so I could see once agian what Athens looked like actually being there. My intent in the beggining of this project was to get the viewer to see Athens by standing inside the panoramic somehow. After many grueling hours and no success I could not get my two ends to meet up. I then decided that it would be ok to just leave the panoramic view in one long flat length. The effect was not the same I admit. So i decided that the overwhelming feeling of the size of Athens wasnt being shown as it was. So using photoshop I tried to make the panoramic look like it was a collaboration of hundreds of pictures vrs. the 20 or so I actually used. To me this made Athens look busy and dynamic. I just hope that the viewer feels the same way. I am having some trouble with trying to figure out how to install it seeing how it it about 12-13 ft long. So far I have yet to resolve this issue and would love to hear any feedback.
The second panoramic I did was a view from a castle in Nauplion,Greece. It was more or less something I just really wanted to play with and wanted to see put together from the pictures I took. It turned out fair but I would like to see it larger I think.

Greece Movie

I have now gone to the Omnimax to watch the Greece movie 3 times. It was so good and having just recently been there, it allowed me to travel back in a way. I thought they did a great job at allowing the viewer to really get a taste, or idea of what Greece is like. My favorite part was the panoramic view of athens. That was also some inspiration for my final project for the semester. I really wish the movie was longer, and instead of so much focus on santorini, I wish they would have gone further into the mainland of Greece. All and all it was a very great movie and I wish that everyone gets a chance to go see it, or gets a chance to go to Greece.

The Straw, the Bean, and the coal

I really enjoyed the thought process that went into this assignment. I used my favorite childhood story from the Grim Brothers The Straw, the Bean, and the Coal. It was hard to convey this story using only 10 slides because noone has ever heard it before. So I narrowed out the strongest points of the story in a way that the viewer could follow along. I woked hard on developing the characters using my own drawings and photo settings but in the end I decided that they needed to be photos also. My color pallate was very bright and lively becuase I wanted it to appeal to children.

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