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Chris Finley

Chris was born in 1976. He is from the Bay Area of California, and he is currently still living there. Chris is known for his sc ulptor-pop art installations. He once said that he sets out to stimulate the audience with sculpture computer systems. This means that files within files making quirky arrangements of ojects that fit inside of eachother. The example they give for this on the Ask Art website is plastic toys that are inside rubber maid bins. He has intruiging files from trips to shopping malls. An example of his pop art images can be seen in his eyecatching trip through a fun house. The exhibit that installed this piece was called "Chris Finely: Level One" which was held at the Acme Gallery in Santa Monica. My favorite piece that Cris recently did,2004, is an untitled contemporary piece. It was done on paper using acrylic ink. It looks like a mess of wire and paper or garbage to me. Its done very precisely and I can really appreciate the craftsmenship. I think I can relate to this kind of work that he makes vrs the computer based work because I just cant relate to the other work in the same way because I wouldnt know the first thing on how to make it. I am not sure how I will use this artist as an influence in my own art. I think that art is becoming so digital these days and I would like to encorperate that aspect into my own work too. So maybe as time goes by some of his work my be more influencail to me then it is at this present time.