May 11, 2006



Athens Panoramic

When I went to Greece I stood on the tallest mountian in Athens and stood in one spot and took pictures as I turned. I had high hopes of one day putting them all together so I could see once agian what Athens looked like actually being there. My intent in the beggining of this project was to get the viewer to see Athens by standing inside the panoramic somehow. After many grueling hours and no success I could not get my two ends to meet up. I then decided that it would be ok to just leave the panoramic view in one long flat length. The effect was not the same I admit. So i decided that the overwhelming feeling of the size of Athens wasnt being shown as it was. So using photoshop I tried to make the panoramic look like it was a collaboration of hundreds of pictures vrs. the 20 or so I actually used. To me this made Athens look busy and dynamic. I just hope that the viewer feels the same way. I am having some trouble with trying to figure out how to install it seeing how it it about 12-13 ft long. So far I have yet to resolve this issue and would love to hear any feedback.
The second panoramic I did was a view from a castle in Nauplion,Greece. It was more or less something I just really wanted to play with and wanted to see put together from the pictures I took. It turned out fair but I would like to see it larger I think.