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Animal Market Bombing in Baghdad

In a box full of pigeons a bomb was hidden inside and exploded. The explosion killed 15 people and injuring 66. The first version of the story was from the New York Times and second from the Washington Post. The think both of them told basically the same story, accept for the statistic aspect. The New York Times said 15 people were killed and 66 injured. The Washington Post said at least 14 people died and 33 injured. I believe both of the stories sounded the same because of the difficulty getting a wide range of sources. Both shared almost the same paragraph sequencing and quotes. For an example both newspapers used this quote from a Raad Hassan, "My friends and I rushed to the scene where we saw burned dead bodies, pieces of flesh and several dead expensive puppies and bird."

Here is the link to the Washington Post article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/26/AR2007012600230.html

The article from the New York Times is nowhere to be found. I went on their website to find the article again and it's gone. I looked at my history page on my computer and the link directs me to another article! I read the article on Friday and today is Sunday, here is the link to the other story : http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/world/AP-Iraq.html?ref=world


Hi, Dionne. Good analysis of some important elements of breaking news. The differing body counts may reflect that the stories were posted at different times.

Did you view these articles online? If so, can you provide the links to those articles? If they both used the same quote from the same bystander, then it's likely both articles were from the same wire service. Otherwise it's possible that both papers wrote their own accounts, but both borrowed some material from the AP.

Thanks for your postings.