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Fossil Exhibit in Kenya

In the Kenya National Museum, mankind's oldest relics: Turkana Boy is
stored in a cabinet. There is much controversy over the skeleton because it
questions evolution vs. creationism. "I did not evolve from Turkana Boy or
anything like it," says Bishop Boniface Adoyo. Archaeologist Richard Leaky
who found the bones said, "Whether Bishop likes or not, Turkana Boy is a
distant relation of his."

I read about the Turkana Boy from the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, both
printed the same exact story on-line. I could not find another news website
that reported the same story. I will focus on reporter Anthony Mitchell and
how he delivered the message.

Mitchell at the beginning of the story said that the Turkana Boy created
controversy of the evolution and creationism debate. He gave quotes from a
bishop, an archaeologist, and a Protestant. As far as, providing the reader
with multiple point of views he did a great job. When a reporter is
covering controversial or serious topics it's crucial to have many sources
who have different things to say. This also makes the reporter to sound
less biased and show objective writing.

Mitchell covered historical evidence, he writes, "Dinosaur fossils and a
bone from an early human ancestor, dating back 7 million years, will also
be on show along with the bones of short-necked giraffes," he adds, "Among
the 160,000 fossils to go on display is an imprint of a lizard left in
sedimentary rock, dating back 200 million years..." Mitchell provides this
information and shows it as a known fact. When any subjective point of view
is written he supports it with a source. For an example, "They provide the
clearest and unrivaled record yet of evolution and origins of man, say
scientists." I believe that Mitchell is letting the reader know that this
is a strong view by scientists, yet there are other point of views on
evolution and creationism.

Mitchell also gives information of the Turkana Boy himself and Kenya's
financing with the project, which I think keep audiences interested. People
who will find this interesting are those who a sick-and-tired of hearing
the evolution debate. Instead of thinking about what is right or wrong,
these people will just think it's cool that archaeologists found the oldest
prehistoric human. I think that providing this insight gives an overall
balance between two rival sides, which I think some people will