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2008 Presidental Election

Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are two democratic canadaties running for the 2008 presidental election. So far, Obama has raised $25 million for his campaign and Clinton $26 million, plus $10 millions from her senate reelection campaingn, making a total of $36 million.

My story idea is to get the University of Minnesota opionions on the election and why they would vote for the canadate. Then I would get the opinions of city officals about elections and the election process. Combine it all together so I'll have college student input, but also factual information on the elections


John Sullivan: Political Science professor at the University of Minnesota, 612-624-4144
Amy Klobuchar: Minnesota U.S. Senator, 651-714-2006
Keith Ellison: Congressman and University of Minnesota graduate Law School, 612-522-1212