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The Sopranos are done, my life is over.

David Chase "The Sopranos" creator said that the final nine episodes will be absolutely positvely be the last for the powerful epic, a masterwork for television that belongs in the same select league as "Roots", "Holocaust", "Lonesome Dove" and a few other TV turning points. Chase directing, is still being worked on--no one has blabbed about whether or not Tony will die in the ninth season or final episode.

The audience have invested time and stress, understandably wants to know: Will Tony live or die?

The sopranos is amazing. Not only are major newspapers writing about what could happen in the final season, but praising it as the best television series, which is clever and a brilliant masterpiece of our time. What the hell? Okay, so yeah the Sopranos is well crafted and entertaining. What happened to television series that showed more then just shooting and naked women in every episode.

I do think that the Sopranos do take on controversial topics. They talk about racism, sexism, relationships that deal with cheating. Everyday problems that Americans face. Infinelity, death, children growing, deception. But the most interesting part that I find in the Soporanos is that Tony Soprano himself is an everyday surban father, to a certain degree.
I find it hiliarious everytime he walks to the end of his driveway to pick up his daily newspaper. Scenes of such relate the American people to Tony Soprano, this is clever. I don't want to anaylize the telvevision series, but I need to to make my point. Chase should have made a televsion serious that was not only be clever, but Americans think about their own life and purpose in life. There is so much going on in the world and messages to get across, Chase has the attention of American and he wants to waste 5 min. of air time on naked women and a drive by. Yes entertainment purposes are great, we love seeing Tony Soporano kicking ass when a job needs to be done, but why not bring racism to a great level.