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82-foot dinosaur found in Australia

Australia Scientists unreveiled bones from two 82-foot behmoths they said were the largest dinosaurs ever found in Australia. Fossilized bones from the two titanosaurs were found in 2005 and 2006 by rancher near the town of Eromanga, 600 miles west fo Brisbane.

USA Today reported by Associated Press used a quote from museum curator Scott Hocknull, "These are the largest bones ever discovered in Australia." He later said that the bones would be the length of two full buses. I like how he used this description because it's hard to visualize what 82-feet tall would be like. The Associated Press also gave the states on where the bones were located, which I don't think was necessary because they used jargon that not the everyday person would use.

Toward the end of the story the Associated Press said that the Titansaurs are among the largest of the prehistoric animals known as sauropods. I don't think this was necessary as well because the whole purpose of the story was to talk about the new found dinosaur, it was distracting. I think the story was pretty short for how much new worthy it was, I was kind of disappointed with the article.

In the Star Tribune article sounded very similar and think this is because there is so little information about the largest dinosaur found in Australia. In the lead and second paragraph it says focused on the location of the dinosaur. It quoted Rancher Mackenzie, "The very first bone we foud was the most exciting because until you actually have it verified by the museum you don't actually know you've got a bone, you think it's a rock." I find this to be an unusal quote to us, but it's kind of funny because it shows the spirit of the diggers--they're enthusiasm.

I think the Star Tribune should have mentioned how the bones were shipped to the museum. They just talked about the location, the museum, and when they found the dinosaur. They never mentioned anything about the transportation, which I think is just as important because the job is just as big--not to mention a huge transportation.