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The Future of Journalism

As everyone knows journalism is changing rapidly. I havn't thought about my place in the world of journalism AND techonology. Maybe this is because I'm not a huge technology person, I see the advantages of reading the news on the web. A person can interact with the news rather than just read it. I think that reading the news from a newspaper is overall better for our world.

When a person reads from a newspaper they see headlines that catch their interest. Maybe it's a headline that would not normally read but since it's right in front of them and not "X" out a web page, or just click away they will read the story. When a person just receieves emails for only the wanted parts of the news they want, they lack the whole experience of reading a newspaper.

The worst part of journalism in the future is the pace. The pace that is set for journalists now is so fast that journalists have a hard time giving quality work to readers. When I'm in the journalism workfield I think it is my job to combine technology and journalism. I think the older generation did not know how to deal with two extremes--they were dealt with a problem that they had no idea how to solve. Hopefully, my generation will be able to balance technology and journalism.

We'll know if the journalism and technology crisis is solved once journalist jobs are not cut and the younger generation is reading.