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I came across an article on Greenbook that detailed how Progessive Grocer conducted research to help explain new changes in grocery shopping habits and patterns. While the actual research was nothing too fancy, in fact most of the key insights came from simple demographic and survey information, Progressive Grocer did a good job excavating these key insights to help explain how future shifts in grocery shopping are likely to evolve.
For instance, the article cites the fact that by 2020, Millennials will make up 25% of the population, while for the first time Baby Boomers will fall to less than 20% of the population. On its own, this information would not be too helpful to Progessive Grocer's mission, however, they used this fact to further excavate related implications. Based off this simple finding, the researchers designed a survey which asked questions what the shift to a "Millennial" population may mean. Their survey found that grocery shopping habits will change as Millennials are less brand-loyal, more willing to buy store brands, more price-aware, and more willing to pay higher prices for organic foods in comparison to Baby Boomers.
Progressive Grocers expanded upon a simple demographic finding (that Millennials will make up a quarter of the population in the next decade) through the use of a direct and clear survey to excavate key pieces of information regarding grocery shopping habits. Progessive Grocers did a good job of pulling one key piece of demographic information and then expanding upon it for meaningful insights that grocery stores are likely to consider and apply when purchasing and pricing products for retail.

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