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With mobile usage ever increasing, it was only a matter of time before mobile survey apps became a new trend. Here, we look at the pros and cons of mQuest, one of the leading mobile survey apps.

-The survey can be corrected in realtime, even when it is ongoing, to control for any errors or confusing items that may be discovered.
-Surveys can be supplemented with embedded visuals, audio, and videos.
-Surveys can be translated into multiple languages, allowing for diverse samples of people to participate.
-Built-in "plausibility checks" to control for wrong inputs.
-Fast (information is saved as survey is taken) and FREE.
-Survey questions can be made in many different formats.
-Works for both Android and Apple devices.

-Limited amount of questions that one can ask on a mobile device.
-Questions on a mobile device cannot be too complex since people are on-the-go.
-Not everyone owns or has access to a mobile device.

Overall, mQuest seems to have more advantages than disadvantages, however, researchers must make sure that mobile surveys actually make sense for the data they are trying to collect. Just because mobile technology is a growing medium doesn't mean it is the right medium for all research studies.

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