'Tis the season for...surveys?

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Starting a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of email surveys I am receiving from companies that I have previously shopped with online. Most of the surveys ask me to rate the company's website, and if applicable, their in-store customer service. As the biggest time of year for retailers, this really isn't too surprising; companies want to both remind consumers that they exist and, more importantly, want to revamp their customer experience if necessary to ensure that customers spend their money with them this holiday season.
A few of the companies have offered incentives for taking the survey, like "exclusive" money-saving deals, while others have promised the opportunity to be entered into a prize drawing. I've found it particularly interesting that at the end of a lot of these surveys, the companies will take the opportunity to thank me and ask me to provide friends' or family members' email addresses, which would increase my chance to win the drawing. It seems that this holiday season, companies are using email surveys to not only get customer feedback/input, but as an opportunity to increase their own customer base by incentivizing existing customers to recommend others for a potential increased payoff.

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