Multicultural sampling

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A recent survey of 106 marketers conducted by the Association of National Advertisers found that new media is a rapidly growing medium in terms of reaching multicultural consumers. Whereas stratified sampling has previously been used as a primary method of reaching cultural minority groups, recent data suggests that new technology is enabling marketers to reach these groups even more effectively.

2010's top 3 most popular methods of reaching multicultural consumers through new media:
1. The company's website (75%)
2. Online ads (72%)
3. Search-engine marketing (71%)

It's interesting to note that the use of other new mediums to reach speciality populations are rapidly growing; 32% of respondents said they used location-based apps in 2012 to reach multicultural segments (compared with 2% in 2010), the use of blogs has increased from 27% in 2010 to 44% in 2012, and 64% reported using mobile marketing (59% in 2010).

These new trends indicate that Internet and GPS technologies will continue to make special population sampling easier and more efficient. GPS technologies are particularly useful as the people who reside in a geographic area tend to be similar to each other in many ways, particularly in socio-economic status and culture. Blogs and mobile marketing are also proving useful methods of reaching smaller populations as they can create a sort of "speciality environment" where members of a group congregate either on the same blog or through similar applications of their mobile devices.

These findings are particularly important to market research so as to increase response rates; the more effectively marketers are able to target their populations, the more likely it is that the participants will respond since the information is truly relevant to them.

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