August 13, 2007

Last Day

Today is the last day of the trip! The boys were supposed to have a game but due to a rainy night and foggy morning it was cancelled. We are just packing up and getting ready for the trip home. We´ll be doing some last minute shopping with the team and going to the airport. We should arrive back in MN and the heat about 10 am tomorrow! Thanks for reading!


Sunday we slept in to recover and then headed to the famous San Telmo flee market which takes place every Sunday. It contained antiques, crafts, clothing and jewelery. We also had our fairwell dinner where we learned how to do our own Argentine barbeque and had some of the best meat cuts of the trip.


Saturday morning we headed to Recoletta to visit the cemetary where Eva Peron is buried.

Each tomb is like a mini cathedral. Evita´s grave is simple but the most visited grave in the area. Many others were incredibly elaborate and breath taking. There was one story about a girl who was buried alive and they heard her screaming and worked to get her out but by the time they reached her she had died ¨again¨ and became known as the girl who died twice. Cats lounged on the marble steps everywhere, perhaps the Egyptians were right when they called cats the guardians of the dead. Then we made a quick run through of the nearby art museum which was beautiful and contained traditional European paintings and sculptures. A market was going on in the square nearby and we found some great gifts for everyone back home. Then we headed to the training facilities to watch the boys against their hardest match up. They lost 7-0 even though they were playing fairly well. That night everyone but Morgan and grandma went to the Disco for some dancing and partied like true Argentines... until 5 in the morning!


Friday morning we watched the boys play soccer, they lost 3-0 and 1-0 and we were all chilled to the bone. Connie, Sandy and Christie took a ferry to Uraguay, Brian, Kirk and David went to the natural reserve by the river leading into the ocean, Theresa and Nancy went shopping and Morgan and I warmed up in the sauna. After dinner at an Italian restaurant we stopped for a drink at a pirate bar.

August 10, 2007

Gaucho Day

Thursday we headed out of the city to the countryside. We went to La Bonita, a cowboy (gaucho) ranch. The gauchos ruled the countryside until the 1900s when people started putting up fences.

We went for horse rides and a carriage ride to see the cows and the old ranch house that is now abandoned. We also saw a 200 year old tree which according to Marcello, the owner, could change your marital status. He said it gave him 10 women when he asked. We had a meat filled barbeque and listened to some gaucho music. Then there were some dancers who were amazing and got all of us dancing. The tour ended with a horse racing game where the rider has to grab a ring using a metal object like a pencil, when he gets it he chooses a girl who has to kiss him on the cheek in exchange for the ring. For those of you who are wondering, the gaucho pant that is so popular in the US right now does look exactly like the pants they wore.

August 9, 2007


Wednesday we dropped off the players at the River Plate field (another professional team) for their game.

We were not allowed to watch... apparently they think we are scouting away all their players so we took off for Palermo. We walked through the rose garden, the botanical garden and made a stop by the zoo. Then we met up with the boys again, had lunch and went to the MALBA art museum which is filled with Latin American art. We had a free evening and decided to relax.
tango day 228.jpg

Tango Day

Buenos Aires is know as the birthplace of tango so we dedicated Tuesday as tango day.....
tango day 152.jpg

We took a subway ride to Abasto area where there is a monument to the Carlos Gardel, a tango singer. It is also home to the largest shopping center in Buenos Aries, about the size of one wing of the Mall of America. We walked around on the way back to the hotel and saw some gorgeous buildings like the Palacio de Tribunales which is in the process of being restored. Then we put on our dancing shoes and headed to Michelangelo, the Tango Dance show. We were served dinner, took some fabulous pictures with two of the dancers and watched the famous dancing. It was fantastic and the singers were amazing as well. Kirk and I tried to tango back at the hotel and decided it was too dangerous after our feet collided and I almost fell!

August 7, 2007

Day 3

Monday, we woke up early to watch the Augsburg soccer team play a local team. The Auggies played well together even though they ended up losing 1-0.....
day 3 072.jpg

There were some great scoring opportunities and it was a good first game of the season. We then headed to El Tigre for a boat tour. Here people live on the islands and use boats to travel everywhere, even to school. There is also a Market boat that brings groceries to the houses. There are some beautiful palaces that are used as weekend getaways. Dinner was amazing, yet another fabulous steak dish. The restaurant was open especially for us! We felt like movie stars and were even treated to complimentary 3 028.jpg

Day 2

Yesterday we took a stroll down the shopping street, "Florida" and saw some of the leather goods. Then we took off to watch one of Buenos Aires ten professional teams the Boca Juniors.

The crowd here is known for riots and causing the stadium to pulse and shake by jumping and singing. It was the home opener so we got there early and then waited for the stadium to clear as a safety procaution and our guides made sure we were taken care of. The game was quite uneventful, 0-0 and according to Dario it was one of the worst games he has ever seen, but it was interesting to see how much soccer is a part of the local tradition. It was freezing and we were glad to get into the bus and off to dinner where we experienced 9 types of barbequed meat cuts. DSCN4022.JPG

August 6, 2007

Our first day!

We arrived safe and sound early Saturday. We dropped off the players at the training facilities and headed to our 5 star hotel.......

We took a quick walking tour after settling in and then had a bus tour around each section of town. The South side, La Boca, is the poor side that contains the very colorful neighborhood street, Caminito. Here they took the free paint colors (ones nobody else wanted) to paint their shanty houses but the result is very beautiful. The center of the city contains the Plaza de Mayo which contains the government Pink House and some old buildings. We also saw the worlds largest avenue and the 'Obelisco'. The North side of the city is the rich area, the River de Plate. We had dinner at "Locos por el Futbol" meaning crazy about soccer. After a long day we all slept well!