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Gaucho Day

Thursday we headed out of the city to the countryside. We went to La Bonita, a cowboy (gaucho) ranch. The gauchos ruled the countryside until the 1900s when people started putting up fences.

We went for horse rides and a carriage ride to see the cows and the old ranch house that is now abandoned. We also saw a 200 year old tree which according to Marcello, the owner, could change your marital status. He said it gave him 10 women when he asked. We had a meat filled barbeque and listened to some gaucho music. Then there were some dancers who were amazing and got all of us dancing. The tour ended with a horse racing game where the rider has to grab a ring using a metal object like a pencil, when he gets it he chooses a girl who has to kiss him on the cheek in exchange for the ring. For those of you who are wondering, the gaucho pant that is so popular in the US right now does look exactly like the pants they wore.