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Wednesday we dropped off the players at the River Plate field (another professional team) for their game.

We were not allowed to watch... apparently they think we are scouting away all their players so we took off for Palermo. We walked through the rose garden, the botanical garden and made a stop by the zoo. Then we met up with the boys again, had lunch and went to the MALBA art museum which is filled with Latin American art. We had a free evening and decided to relax.
tango day 228.jpg


Hi Melissa--just got this info from your Mom and hope you are having a good time. I bet it's nice to get away from our heat for awhile.
Papa and I are taking Maren & Madison for a week to Lake Geneva. It's a time share vacation club with 2 pools and a water park. I think they'll have fun.
Love, Mimi

Glad you're having fun! Thx for the pics. Tango, tango!