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Saturday morning we headed to Recoletta to visit the cemetary where Eva Peron is buried.

Each tomb is like a mini cathedral. Evita´s grave is simple but the most visited grave in the area. Many others were incredibly elaborate and breath taking. There was one story about a girl who was buried alive and they heard her screaming and worked to get her out but by the time they reached her she had died ¨again¨ and became known as the girl who died twice. Cats lounged on the marble steps everywhere, perhaps the Egyptians were right when they called cats the guardians of the dead. Then we made a quick run through of the nearby art museum which was beautiful and contained traditional European paintings and sculptures. A market was going on in the square nearby and we found some great gifts for everyone back home. Then we headed to the training facilities to watch the boys against their hardest match up. They lost 7-0 even though they were playing fairly well. That night everyone but Morgan and grandma went to the Disco for some dancing and partied like true Argentines... until 5 in the morning!