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Tango Day

Buenos Aires is know as the birthplace of tango so we dedicated Tuesday as tango day.....
tango day 152.jpg

We took a subway ride to Abasto area where there is a monument to the Carlos Gardel, a tango singer. It is also home to the largest shopping center in Buenos Aries, about the size of one wing of the Mall of America. We walked around on the way back to the hotel and saw some gorgeous buildings like the Palacio de Tribunales which is in the process of being restored. Then we put on our dancing shoes and headed to Michelangelo, the Tango Dance show. We were served dinner, took some fabulous pictures with two of the dancers and watched the famous dancing. It was fantastic and the singers were amazing as well. Kirk and I tried to tango back at the hotel and decided it was too dangerous after our feet collided and I almost fell!