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School Bus Crash Injures 7

Seven passengers were injured Wednesday when a school bus crashed and then rolled over another car.

The Pioneer Press reports that 5 students and 2 adults were taken to Coon Rapids hospital due to injuries.

The accident occurred Wed. morning on County Road 58 and Cedar Drive, according to Anoka County emergency lead dispatcher Kyle Blum.

Capt. Dave Jenkins of the Anoka County Sheriff's Department said that preliminary results of the investigation reveal that the bus driver rounded a curve, then drifted over the center line where it over corrected and lost control. It then collided with the first vehicle and rolled over.

The Star Tribune article personalized the accident more by using quotes from Veronica Cich, who was a passenger in the bus. I personally thought that this quote: "'I thought something bad was going to happen today," she said. "It's usually warm on the bus, but today it was cold on the bus.'" was out of place and unnecessary, though.