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Classes Cancelled For Mercury, Not Snow

Classes were cancelled for a New Brighton school on Wednesday while a mercury leak is under investigation.

The Associated Press reports that classes at St. John the Baptist Catholic School are cancelled until Friday while school officials and pollution control experts finish cleaning up a mercury leak that happened on Tuesday.

The Star Tribune's article reports that leaks occurred in at least one science lab, a hall, and the cafeteria.

Unless students had extreme exposure to the mercury, they should be alright, Sam Brungardt, an Information Officer from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said.

The Star Tribune's article starts out with information about how the school itself was affected by the mercury leak, noting the cancelled classes and worried parents and students bringing their belongings to be checked.

The article then introduces Sam Brungardt as a professional source and proceeds to discuss the possible harm the mercury leak might have on affected students.

The article then goes into a chronological retelling of the story, and finishes with an extra bit on who to call and where to go if readers would like to get their belongings checked for mercury.