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Female Bomber Kills Over 40 People at Baghdad College

A female suicide bomber detonated a bomb that killed more than 40 people in a mostly Shiite college in Baghdad.

The New York Times and the Pioneer Press report that the attack and many others came as Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki announced a new security crackdown and criticized U.S. involvement.

Both of these newspapers made the bigger story out to be that of the Prime Minister and the new security crackdown, as well as negative views about continued U.S. presence and security efforts in Iraq.

"A female suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives and ball bearings blew herself up at a Baghdad university today, killing at least 40 people, and strewing fingers, pens, purses and bloody textbooks all over the ground."

I found the New York Times' lead to be a bit graphic. Why do people need to know that fingers were strewn across the ground? I think that most readers, if not all, can imagine the horror of a bomb exploding in the middle of a group of people.