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Hungarian City Raises Money By Selling Street Names

A city in Hungary is putting the spin on fundraising by selling off its streets to anyone who wants to have their name on it.

Ivad, in northeastern Hungary, is charging about 100,000 forints ($511) per meter for those who want their name on one of its eight streets, said Reuters.

Unfortunately, Hungarian law dictates that streets may not be named after living people. To compensate, Ivad is offering a contract that will guarantee a posthumous name change.

If only I had some streets to sell!

I thought Reuters did a nice job with this story by including a quote from the town's mayor, Gabor Ivady. The touch of adding the Barbra Streisand quote makes it even more funny, and the kicker at the end about Hungarian law closes it well.
I also liked that they included a link to the website. It's in Hungarian, but if you just happened to have a good translator and some extra cash, it'd be fun to sign up.