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Man Wrestles Anaconda to Save Grandson

A Brazilian man battled with a 15-foot anaconda on Friday in order to save his grandson from the snake's deathly coils.

Reuters reports that Joaquim Pereira, 66, wrestled with an anaconda for half an hour in order to save Matheus Pereira de Araujo, 8, his grandson.

Araujo was playing near a creek on his grandfather's farm, which is located 310 miles west of Sao Paulo, Brazil, when the snake attacked him.

Pereira was driving home when he heard his grandson screaming. He jumped into the creek and began wrestling with the snake, using stones and a machete to kill it.

Obviously notable. It might not seem too newsworthy, but I think it's crazy how a 66-year-old man can wrestle with a 15-foot anaconda and win. Now that's physically fit!