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Statue Thieves Charged

Two men attempting to sell the remains of two statues stolen from a Minneapolis park were charged with felonies Friday.

Jeremy Allen Giles, 24, and Brandon James Unruh, 21, were charged with receiving stolen property after they were caught trying to sell pieces of two statues stolen from Theodore Wirth Park on Feb. 9.

Giles and Unruh were caught trying to sell pieces of the broken statues at Great Western Recycling in St. Paul, the Pioneer Press said. When the employee refused to pay them and threatened to call police, the men ran.

The Star Tribune reported that the 239 pounds of bronze that they attempted to sell to the Great Western Recycling scrap yard would have only earned them $310. The statues in their original condition were worth $8,150.

I thought the Star Tribune's article was more interesting as it told why the statues were of importance to the Minneapolis community. I'm not really a local, and therefore had no idea that this park even existed or understood the trouble Theodore Wirth apparently had to go through to get it opened up to people of all kinds until I read the Star Tribune's article. If I had only read the Pioneer Press' article, I would still be thinking that the statues were just donated by a person of public interest.
I think that even a small paragraph describing the meaning of the articles stolen is important to have when something as odd as a statue is stolen.