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Warrant Issued in Elie Wiesel Attack

Police issued a warrant on Friday for arrest for a New Jersey man suspected of attempting to kidnap Holocaust scholar and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.

Eric Hunt, 22, of Sussex County, N.J., is charged with attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, elder abuse, stalking, battery, and committing a hate crime, police told the Associated Press.

Authorities linked Hunt to the attack after he posted on an anti-Semitic web site and claimed responsibility.

Hunt apparently approached Wiesel after his speech at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco on Feb. 1 and asked if he could interview him. He ended up trying to drag Wiesel to his hotel room, but fled when the scholar screamed.

The New York Times reported that Hunt was not yet in custody but had been located by police.

The New York Times' article is more like a brief. Perhaps this is because the event took place earlier in the month and the Times already covered the more specific details of the incident and didn't want to take the time to recap.

I think it's interesting that the author of the Star Tribune article takes the time to point out that both Hunt and Wiesel were unreachable (for different reasons). In a way this says to the reader, "Hey, I tried to do my research and get the facts to you, but due to this reason I couldn't."