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16 Killed in Attack in Afghanistan

U.S. Marines fled to escape a suicide bombing Sunday and opened fire on civilians traveling on a highway in eastern Afghanistan, the Star Tribune reported.

U.S. officials report that civilians were injured due to militant gunfire, however Afghanistan's Interior Ministry and those wounded in the attack said otherwise, the Pioneer Press said. The incident caused a protest against the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

The New York Times describes the incident as a setback for American troops who have been working to win local support through reconstruction and development.

The most interesting part of comparing these stories was the difference in the number of casualties and those who were wounded. The New York Times reported 16 dead and 24 wounded, Pioneer Press said 10 dead and 34 wounded, and the Star Tribune said 16 dead, 25 wounded.
Otherwise, the stories were mostly the same and once they got past describing the attack and what happened they delved deeper into the disagreements between U.S. and Afghani officials.