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3 Shot in St. Paul Robbery

Two adults and one teenager were shot to death in their St. Paul home Friday.

Maria McLay, 32, her daughter Brittany Kekadakis, 15, and a man identified to be McLay's boyfriend, 31, were shot by masked intruders who broke into their home, the Star Tribune said.

The men entered the home and had the family line up in the bedrooms. They then demanded cash, but when McLay's boyfriend could not meet the robbers' demands, they shot him, McLay, and Kekadakis.

McLay's surviving son and daughter escaped out the front door and ran to an uncle's house nearby.

The lead and quotes in this story were fairly...cheesy? It seemed as if they were there to evoke emotion in the reader, but the lead just seems a bit too desperate. I also think that the authors went a bit overboard when quoting friends and relatives toward the end of the article. Having one person say Kekadakis will be missed is enough.

Also, the story focused a lot on Kekadakis. What about McLay and her boyfriend? I thought it was interesting, as well, that the author only identified McLay's boyfriend as a 31-year-old man at first.