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Senators Join March Honoring Civil Rights Movement

Senator Hilary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama gave speeches Sunday after joining hundreds in Selma, Ala. to honor the 42nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the New York Times said.

Both senators urged the black population to vote in the upcoming election, and also used the time to establish their own links to the civil rights movement.

Obama declared that the protesters of Selma helped to pave the way for him to become the first black president of the United States, the Star Tribune said. It also reports that Clinton was received well by the crowds partly due to the popularity of her husband Bill Clinton.

The New York Times article makes a statement and then uses a quote to back it up, just like we learned to do in class. :)
I also thought that the more in-depth history of Selma and the Bloody Sunday march at the end of the Times article was very interesting and helpful. It was a nice addition to the story.