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Hwy 36 Fix Expected to Divide St. Paul

In an effort to save money, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has decided on a new approach to highway reconstruction. The new tactic will separate St. Paul even further by shutting down Highway 36.

The department plans to save $2 million by completely shutting down Highway 35 - which around 40,000 people use each day - in May, the Star Tribune reported. City officials are expecting that thousands of residents will begin using local streets to cut across the city.

Besides cutting down the cost, the department has estimated that the reconstruction will take only seven months - less than half of the time reconstruction normally takes.

I think another good way to start this would have been to interview a resident of North St. Paul and use them in an anecdote. It would add more emphasis on the fact that the city will be split in half, and I find it more appealing than a simple "People are wondering how they'll get from one side of town to the other."

The Star Tribune used "Hwy" a lot in this article. I tried looking it up in the AP Stylebook and couldn't find any place where it said that "highway" could be abbreviated. "MnDOT" was also confusing for a non-resident (me!).