Almost there...


I can hardly wait!!!! There are only 4 more class days until spring break!!! Huzzah!!! I can't wait to be able to sleep in and not worry about completing any essays, study for tests, going to practice, and have some home-cooking again.I can't wait to see my dogs and cats again. kitty laptop.jpg

 I might be staying close to home but most of my friends are heading for some interesting destinations. One friend is heading to NY to checkout Broadway. Two others are heading for southern California to do service projects.

But in the meantime my every spare hour is spent in the dark room developing photographs, writing papers (one due tomorrow and another on Wednesday-YIKES) and an exam on Friday in addition to applying for summer jobs, practice and doing weekly homework. I love Morris but I'll sure be glad to head home and read a book for fun for once!film.jpg


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