September 26, 2006

State Recognition

Finding centralized info on state Recognition is a hard nut to crack.

This webpage lists non-federally recognized tribes by state. However just because the Federal government does not recognize them doesn't mean they are state recognized. The author also lists tribes, like the Lumbee, that are Federally recognized without benefits.
U.S. Federally Non-Recognized Indian Tribes -- Index by State

Other than that the best way to find out information on state recognized tribes is to go state by state. To start i've listed the guidelines or other information for few states here.
Virginia Council on Indians
A news story about recent state recognition of three South Carolina tribes-

More on this later if i find more . . .

September 21, 2006


There are a number of ways a tribe/nation can be recognized by governmental bodies--they can be state recognized, they can have federal recognition without benefits, and they can have full Federal Recognition.

Here's a list of federally recognized tribes--that is recognized with full benefits

Here's a map of feberally recognized tribes

Here's a brief and general statement from the US Department of Interior, of which the Bureau of Indian Affairs is a part, on what benefits federally recognized tribes receive

When i find a reliable list of state recognized tribes i'll post an entry on that.