Oregon Girl, 6, Swept Down Frigid Oregon River

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By Shannon Corrigan

Searchers continue to examine the freezing Clackamas River on Tuesday, pursuing the search for the 6 year-old girl who fell and was swept away, according to recent news reports.

Vinesa Snegur, a first-grader in Portland, had traveled to a remote part of Mt. Hood National Park with her parents Sunday to play in the snow, when Vinesa accidentally tumbled into the Clackamas River, according to Clackamas County Sheriff Sgt. James Rhodes ABC News reports.

The girl's father chased after her in a failed attempt to keep up as his daughter disappeared into the swollen river. Vinesa's parents continued to search desperately, but with no success the couple traveled back to their vehicle to call for help. With no cell phone service in the area, they drove seven miles until they reached a ranger station, from which they dialed 911, as ABC News reports.

Since Sunday, 50 paid and volunteer searchers have been searching the river and near-by woods in the area in hopes of finding the little girl.

"It's a never-quit attitude," Clackamas County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. James Rhodes told the Los Angeles Times. "The question I keep getting is, 'When does it become a recovery?' That's not something you're going to hear us say. It is a search for Vinesa. We're going to provide her every opportunity and deploy every appropriate resource we can as safely as we can to return Vinesa to her family."

Searchers were disadvantaged Tuesday not only by the continued rain, but by low-hanging clouds that made it impossible to fly a National Guard helicopter equipped with heat-seeking infrared equipment, as the Los Angeles Times reports.

"Last night we scaled back for safety reasons -- we can't be in or near the water after dark," Rhodes said. "But at daybreak today we were back at it again at full force."

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