Tuna tied to Salmonella outbreak

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By Shannon Corrigan

An outbreak of salmonella across 20 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia, may be caused by a frozen raw yellowfin tuna product from a California-based company, according to the CDC reports CNN.

According to a reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday, a total of 116 people have been infected with salmonella Bareilly since the outbreak occurred, 12 of which were hospitalized as a result of the bacteria, reports CNN.

No deaths have been reported, according to Fox6.

The product is not available for sale to individual consumers, but is often used to make sushi, sashimi and similar dishes available in restaurants and grocery stores, according to Fox6.

The FDA recommended that people use caution when eating raw seafood, learn about the source and "when in doubt, don't eat it," Fox6 reports.

1 Comment

I think I will not eat sushi for awhile. I hope they can do something soon to prevent all these. Thank you for informing us.


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