Bravo's Andy Cohen's Thoughts on Research

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Andy Cohen, exec VP-development and talent for Bravo, once said "We snort up research like fine Colombian Cocaine." Bravo makes sure that they know what their viewers are tuning into, as well as who its viewers are. Research has become a very important resource for television networks and stations. They can now be familiar with their audience, and know what they are watching and how to target them.

"I love Twitter because it's like a live focus group," Cohen said, according to Ad Age. I hadn't thought about social media in this way before, but it can be very similar. For example, when events like the elections or a premiere of a popular show occur, social media blows up. People are adding their commentary and have discussions with people through this online interface. It will be interesting to see how researchers use these sites in the future. They may become a very useful tool.

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