Small Change Inspires Healthier NYC Teens

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This case study by AMP Agency discusses a campaign to motivate teens to develop healthier eating habits. Through observation and research, AMP was able to uncover what NYC teenagers were currently eating and how to effectively advertise their message.

AMP set up in-person discussion groups, as well as shadowed teens for a day. Through this observation of teenager, researchers were able to see and better understand the food options teens were served and the decisions they were making throughout the day.
AMP also has students create their own advertisements, which allows AMP to get an understanding of how to advertise to this demographic.

I would say that this particular study was qualitative research. AMP was looking to gain a better understanding of the audience they were targeting. Qualitative research allowed the researchers to better understand motivations and emotions related to NYC teenagers' decisions.

This research was well executed, ethically sound and was able to develop the findings needed to target this particular demographic.

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