The Millennial Generation: Pro-Social and Empowered to Change the World

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This article discusses study surrounding the Millennial Generation and their perspectives on cause messaging. The study found that "when a cause message is linked to a brand in an authentic and today's most relevant way, it can gain the attention and respect of young people today."

Although their findings and the purpose of the study is surrounding cause messaging, the majority of this article is about the millennial generation as demographic. It goes into explicit detail of who this generation is and how they can be marketed, as well as how they compare to other generations.

The method of research for understanding the Millennials was through a survey, though the specifics of the execution or question style are not described. What can be inferred is that this was a Quantitative study, looking to generalize this generation as a certain demographic. This study is used to understand the extent of awareness, beliefs, opinions and behaviors of the Millennial generation.

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