Unraveling Her Shopping DNA: Four Lifelong Shopping Mind-Sets

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This study used a online survey of over 3,000 women which revealed that women have a very instinctive way of thinking about shopping. Throughout the article it appear that the survey was successful in its goals to understand the thought-process of women in terms of their shopping patterns. Based off the survey results, the shopping mind-sets were broken out in the four different categories.

Although the questions were not shown in the article, it appears that they successfully were able to word the questions properly to get informational responses. They also appear to have gotten a very wide sample within the audience they were looking for, making their results more reliable and valid. With the large, random sample this information can be more generalizable of women as a demographic category.

This is a quantitative research study because it is looking to understand the extent of awareness beliefs, opinions and behaviors of women in terms of their shopping behavior. The finds are also generalizable to most women.

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