Vogue Chief Anna Wintour: 'I Don't Really Follow Market Research'

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Although this article doesn't necessarily relate to research as directly as other articles I have looked at, I felt this was somewhat refreshing. It provides a simple reminder that as essential and influential market research can be, sometimes it is still best to do what feels right.

"I remember getting quite a bit of criticism for my first Madonna cover, and it was, you know, 'She's not Vogue, and 'She'll never sell'. It was a little risky and it was up something extraordinary like 40% on the newsstands, so that was a eye-opener I think to all of us. ... I don't really follow market research and in the end I do respond to my own instincts," Vogue's Chief, Anna Wintour said according to Ad Age.

Someone once told me that if you have never failed, you haven't taken enough risks. Taking some risks in adverting, marketing, PR or any professional field may just be what sets someone or a particular brand apart. Research can do many things and is important for marketing decisions, but research can only do so much.

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