3 minute sequence analysis

The very beginning of the movie "Where The Wild Things Are" clearly starts of with a lot of foreshadowing, intent and specific visual elements in order to help convey the themes and storyline of the movie. The amount of focus from the camera on Max from the very start evidently shows how important of a character he is in the movie. The snowball fight he picks in the beginning is full of foreshadows of what is to come later on in the movie where Max runs of to an imaginative world in a wolf costume where wild beasts elect him as king. This is enhanced with the visual effects, going back and forth between his sister's friends and him with a lot of emphasis on him, showing how he drives the movie representing him as 'king' and ruler as it is seen later on. Many different camera angles are use and the one in particular is from the perspective of Max. For example before he picks the fight, he sets the scene up and the audience sees the scene in the view of Max (from his eyes). This also signifies the fact that the movie is about him and in his eyes as it is his imagination that we will be seeing. The scene shortly after where Max runs into his igloo also portrays a lot about Max's character. The fact that he runs into it and the way the camera shows this is significant. Firstly it is from a spectator's point of view, but once he gets inside the camera view suddenly changes to what Max sees; the opening of the igloo with the older kids running after him. This stresses the importance of what he sees and hears. Then sudden blackness results when one of the kids jumps and breaks his igloo. This was so sudden and unexpecting as a visual for it to suddenly turn to blackness for quite a while. All we end up hearing is screaming from Max. As there are no visuals, it helps aid the movie from showing the darkness that Max then feels and how sad and lonely he gets causing him to create a world of his own later on where he runs away. As Max gets up from this torn igloo, the camera is facing on top of him to show how small he is and how the other kids looks down on him. Shortly after, the camera is leveled with is body as he goes into his sister's room and starts destroying it showing how much equivalent power he has. It represents how neutral in mixed emotions Max is in. The camera's focus on his motions such as his hands ripping the crafts and him stomping on the floor help show his feelings of anger and bitterness. The music that goes along with it is so upbeat which reinforces the high levels of emotions Max holds within him. As he hits his realization point of what he has just done, Max falls to his knees whilst the camera view stays leveled looking down on him to show how small Max is and that he cannot contain and maintain his anger and power especially since he starts to cry. The lighting in the room is also a big contrast from the outside world, which is bright and white and colorful. Inside the room where Max releases all these emotions the lighting is very dark and gloomy. The is reiterated as the scene changes to him laying in bed where the music/audio of a piano playing also aids the movie show how depressed Max is with his life and feels so isolated and lonely.