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The project I chose to write about from the international exhibition of new media work that took place in China is the work done by Anthony McCall. The work is called 'You and I, Horizontal III (2007)' and this is the most recent of the series with the first one of the 'solid-light' installations made in 1973 known as 'Line Describing a Cone'. This project was my favorite amongst all because it was the project that I was able to find more relation with. The media used is light installation and for me personally, when I look at images it is the way light is used that intrigues me and I try to incorporate that also when I take photographs.

You and I, Horizontal III' especially interested me into Anthony McCall's works as the new media work adds the sense of futuristic elements. This is clearly shown through the use of colors and the simplicity of the shapes used which makes it similar to what movies portrays the future to be like. This work in particular seems to have a man slightly off the center on something that looks like a travelator. It is as if he is moving towards the main light which is at the end of the tunnel. The whole setting that the light sets in the work makes it such a strong piece emphasizing the entrapment of the area the man is in at that moment. The colors used in the work are rather simple in the sense that the variety shown is limited. This adds onto the fact that the man is in a limited space coming from darkness and trying to reach the light.

This work struck me the moment I saw it because it reminded me of a movie I saw when I was younger called "Fearless" and in that movie it had one scene where the man was in some sort of tunnel trying to reach the light which meant his death and acceptance of it. To me, this piece has those same connotations where it has some religious element to it where it shows how we are all trying to reach the point where there is peace and where everything is fine. This is represented by the color of the light being pure white and in such contrast to where he came from; the beginning of the travelator which is dark and gloomy. So the light serves as some sort of guidance.