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Reflection on art piece

The first art work I found interesting was the still image 'Peter In His Room' by Jaakko Heikkila, Los Angeles 2005. It is an image of Peter lying in bed with his eyes looking directly at you. There is a clear contrast in the image going from left to right where maroon curtains and a window separate the 2 views; indoors which is dark and gloomy due to the light setting. The second is an open field, all green land, mountains and bright sky. It has a soccer goal post. But the most noticeable is the white cross that stands out in the middle of the field. It gives the feeling that there is hope outside and staying inside like Peter causes depression. Something about outside makes it seem peaceful. Peter looks sad and in a lot of thought. There are black sheets and blankets with him. There is a very subtle and abrupt contrast in colors. The art work conveys the idea of entrapment and an enclosed setting. He is somewhat hiding and frightened of what is out there in the big world. I chose to write about this piece partly because of the cross shown. I am a religious person so the cross attracted me to the art piece from the very start. There was something of being afraid and having to face your fears that were sparked inside of me when I saw the art piece. I think the meaning of the contrast between the colors represent the fact that there are two sides to life. Peter represents the point in which you could stay in the room and stay depressed whilst there was a world out there to experience.

I also decided to write about another piece by Jaakko Heikkila called "TIGRAN IN THE EVERYDAY ROOM", in Nazervan, Armenia 2004. To me, there was something disturbing in the image. It shows a boy simply laying on the bed, knees up, eyes closed and hands behind his back. His head is resting on a pillow that is about his size. The blanket he is on is bright blue and is provides the colorfulness in the room. A light bulb is hanging from the ceiling, and the setting is during the day as suggested by the light shown on the wooden floors supposedly from a window. A frame drawn around the light on the ceiling is in red and seems rather disturbing. Tigran seems so small in that big room which is very spacious. He seems lonely and in just that one corner or the walls. The black clock emphasizes darkness in the area despite there being 3 flowers (2 red ones and 1 white one). The paint on the wall provides a shape that makes it seem as if the color is somewhat like taking over the room crawling up to Tigran.

Both pieces show loneliness and create the feeling of being small and insignificant in a big world. This is why I chose to write about these pieces.